Friday, May 4, 2007

Digital Tampering in the Media, Politics and Law

“”Photography lost its innocence many years ago. In as early as the 1930s, shortly after the first commercially available camera was introduced, Stalin had his enemies "air-brushed" out of photographs. With the advent of high-resolution digital cameras, powerful personal computers and sophisticated photo-editing software, the manipulation of digital images is becoming more common. Here, I have collected some examples of digital tampering in the media, politics, and the law.”” – Hany Farid

More examples not covered from the above video montage are available at
Digital Tampering in the Media, Politics and Law website.

And don’t miss out this recent interesting 1hr video on Exposing Digital Forgeries from Inconsistencies in Lighting presented by Hany Farid too.

Update: Thanks on user comments below and found a video link on Reuters Photo Fraud.

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we are being lied to daily by the Palestinian propaganda machine

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