Sunday, June 17, 2007

I Want to Break Free from Loudness War

As lamented by Bob Dylan, Steve Hoffman, Tim Young, Graham Sutton, Nick Southall, Mike Richter, Lee Flier, knutinh, and many many other audiophiles, sound engineers and fans on the notorious phenomenon of “Loudness War”

Guess noting as better as the song “I want to break free” for this theme and also paying tribute to the hilarious MTV by Queen and cover by Monica Cervera, which I used the freeware Audacity audio software for my amateurish remixing.

And you can use Audacity for checking up whether you music is subjected to any “brick-walled” waveform too.

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Anonymous said...

Well you've certainly found yourself a mission, even though it's pointless as the CD dies and downloads take over. Nobody will be buying CD's in a year or 2.
DVD-A and SACD failed to deliver.
HDMI is the wrong type of digital interface but we are stuck with it.
You spam newsgroups.
And you have no regard for copyright or earnings of composers.
16 binary digit CD is dead. Long live vid clips captured on a cellphone and posted to YT.

Anonymous said...

looks like the first commenter missed the point somewhat.

i can only hope that as digital audio becomes more prevalent that higher quality audio (non-"loudness enhanced") comes back to being the norm again.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the informational video .. I'm doing some home producing for my garage band and I was looking into 'compression' .. I thought I wanted to do exactly what I now realize I do not want to do, which is to compress everything so that I have a nice coherent maximum volume throughout .. now thanks to you and LoudnessWar (youtube guy) I won't ruin my band's album! -Joe Greenwood, The Midnights, Blackwood Press Records

Welcome to Whatever Happened to Hi-Fi said...

Let me start off by saying that just because the Record Companies create poor sounding Popular Music CDs, you can still get good sounding Classical Music recordings. The approach to the two are very different. As for SA-CD, that format is doing very well. Sales of discs are on the internet and SA-CD delivers warm, rich, detailed and enveloping sound that is natural. Check out and my blog at

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm 27 years old and I listen vinyl LPs..

Sir John said...

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llmlx said...

Hi, just saw you're video on youtube, and then dropped by your blogg to check it out. First of all sorry for my bad english :P
Just wanted to say, responding to a comment in here, about downloads and the cd's. The reason I don't buy CD's isnt because "cd's are dying" or their expensive or whatever...!!! I don't buy cause I simply feel like after some while I'm having a pile of CD's That I don't listen and I don't even know why I bought them in the first place. On the other hand a download can be stored and the simply deleted.
But maybe If the sound really sound like music I would buy them again. I still Have Tapes :) , and callm a old man, the sound of them at night are simply wonderfull..
Even some CD's sound Like music, but in this modern days, I don't Buy cause It simply feels like a waste of money. I would love to support artists for their work. It's their work, but supporting companies that dont care about music and care just about easy and fast money? No Thank's.
Anyway, thank for the video and the blogg, I'm making a personal site, nothing big, but I will spread this "loudness war" in my country, in here never heard nothing about it.