Friday, December 28, 2007

3C321: A Black Hole Odyssey.

This clip is “videotized” from the article “Black Hole Fires at Neighboring Galaxy” released on Dec17/2007.
Somehow it inspired me to make a lame parody out from the great scifi classic movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” :P
Both opening and closing robatic voice clips were from its infamous HAL9000 computer and not missing the beautiful “Sprach Zarathustra” and “The Blue Danube” soundtracks too.
Note: Any copyrighted media featured in this video are strictly for evaluation/fair use purposes only.

Friday, December 21, 2007

A Last Christmas Montage

Here we go again, the immortalized timeless classic “Last Christmas” by 80s synth pop duo “Wham!” .
In fact it should be a depressing song about broken heart just happened at christmas, but somehow it always makes people laugh and happy! :)
Still ain’t enough? More compilation of all the good, bad and ugly cover versions at :P
Credits: Greeting to the communities as most of the inspiring still pictures theme were shamelessly ripped from there.
Any copyrighted media featured in this video are strictly for evaluation purposes only.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

THEMIS / Auroras Discoveries (2007)

“A fleet of NASA spacecraft, launched less than eight months ago, has made three important discoveries about spectacular eruptions of Northern Lights called "substorms" and the source of their power.

NASA's Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms (THEMIS) mission observed the dynamics of a rapidly developing substorm, confirmed the existence of giant magnetic ropes and witnessed small explosions in the outskirts of Earth's magnetic field.” - More from NASA’s THEMIS site

Credits: This clip is “videotized” from Multimedia for the Press Event for THEMIS (Dec2007).
And Background audio by “NoiseCollector” of the TheFreeSoundProject.

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

zombie cockroach

“”Researchers have worked out the neurological trick used by a species of wasp to turn cockroaches into 'zombie slaves'. The discovery explains why, once stung, cockroaches can be led by a much smaller master towards certain death. Researchers have proven their theory by replicating the effect, and by using an antidote injection to release the cockroaches from their zombie state….

The wasp then grabs the cockroach's antenna and leads it back to the nest. The cockroach walks "like a dog on a leash", says Frederic Libersat of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel, who led the research and has previously described the wasps' behaviour in detail…. ”” – More from .

This video is spiced up with song by The Cranberries – Zombie ;)

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

I Want to Break Free from Loudness War

As lamented by Bob Dylan, Steve Hoffman, Tim Young, Graham Sutton, Nick Southall, Mike Richter, Lee Flier, knutinh, and many many other audiophiles, sound engineers and fans on the notorious phenomenon of “Loudness War”

Guess noting as better as the song “I want to break free” for this theme and also paying tribute to the hilarious MTV by Queen and cover by Monica Cervera, which I used the freeware Audacity audio software for my amateurish remixing.

And you can use Audacity for checking up whether you music is subjected to any “brick-walled” waveform too.

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Inner working of One Laptop per Child (OLPC) Mesh Networking

The geeks from, Dan Williams, John Palmieri and Miguel Alvarez, giving a tech talk about the mesh networking on how OLPC “talk” to each other even without widespread internet access and how is the network they create different from the network at your home or office.

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Friday, June 8, 2007

Photosynth + Seadragon = “All your photos are belong to us”

Microsoft Live Labs Architect, Blaise Aguera y Arcas presented at the TED2007 (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference in Monterey CA, demoing integration with Seadragon (acquired by M$ in Feb 2007), now Photosynth is one step closer to rulez all our photos…

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Friday, June 1, 2007

Aesthetic Science: Understanding Preferences for Color and Spatial Composition

This is a sample video presented by Professor Stephen Palmer of Visual Perception Lab who try to make a interesting science out of studying people's aesthetic responses to spatial , color/object composition, biases and color harmony …etc, which the results show that "aesthetic science" is a new and exciting topic within cognitive science that can shed new light on the nature of our appreciation of the visual world.

A must view for all artists, graphic designers, photographers and creative alike geeks!

The full 68mins video is available online at Google Tech Talks May 22, 2007.

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Molecular Magnetism: The Real Levitation

Molecular Magnetism, Diamagnetism Levitation was one of the “Strange Science” that won the Ig Nobel Prizes on year 2000 for PHYSICS by High Field Magnet Laboratory.

LOL! Even the “Church of the Latter Day Snakes” was highly impressed by this research...

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Obituary: Epson Stylus 600 Printer

Happened to stumble this interest audio recording by melack of TheFreeSoundProject on the “painful death” of a printer ;p.

Note: The last moaning audio part of the video is not real :)

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Friday, May 18, 2007

LinuxBIOS - building a BIOS for fun and not-profit

Above short sample clip covering topics on “But why use Linux as a BIOS” and the infamous "The DRM BIOS Issus (eg. EFI , etc)” presented by Ronald G Minnich.

Its full hi-quality 48mins video (239MB, Ogg Theora format) is available at FOSDEM (Free and Open source Software Developers) .

LinuxBIOS might be the default contender for OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) too.

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Floating Balloon Wind Generator

“”The Magenn Power Air Rotor System (MARS) is an innovative lighter-than-air tethered device that rotates about a horizontal axis in response to winds , efficiently generating clean renewable electrical energy at a lower cost than all competing systems.

This electrical energy is transferred down the tether to a transformer at a ground station and then transferred to the electricity power grid.

Helium (an inert non-reactive lighter than air gas) sustains the Air Rotor which ascends to an altitude for best winds and its rotation also causes the Magnus effect. This provides additional lift, keeps the device stabilized, keeps it positioned within a very controlled and restricted location, and causes it to pull up overhead rather than drift downwind on its tether.

All competing wind generators use bladed two-dimensional disk-like structures and rigid towers. The Magenn Power Air Rotor system is a closed three-dimensional structure. It offers high torque, low starting speeds, and superior overall efficiency thanks to its ability to deploy higher. The closed structure allows Magenn Power to produce wind rotors from very small to very large sizes at a fraction of the cost of current wind generators.

Magenn Power is currently in the prototype phase of our Magenn Air Rotor System . Magenn Power plans to ship their first official product, a 4 kilowatt version in 2007.””

And from its informative FAQ, there will be even a backpack-sized units too:

“”Backpack size or small units may be available in one to two years. Magenn Power is looking to license this technology and may not manufacture it ourselves.””

Guess there will be lotsa potential and alternative for its size and mobility deploying in a rural area, sea, tall building , powering SOS radio/beacon or Wi-Fi device doubled as antennal, serving advertisement banner or even as old skool barrage balloon …etc :)

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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Geek Art of Tweaking Panoramas Pictures

Above clip was a summarized fast forwarded preview from the original Google PhotoTechEDU Day 16: Multi-viewpoint Mosaics (54mins) video , presented by Lihi Zelnik , on technique of Squaring the Circle in Panoramas and Automating Joiners …etc.

It also interestingly mentioned how Cartographers and Artists tweaked their works too.

So what are you waiting for? More Panoramas tips and trick at Panoguide’s How to… , especially life easier using freeware Autostitch program which automatically do image stitching perfected for lazy geek wannabe (like me) out there. :)

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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Look Mum, No Stylus on my PDA

Above fast forwarded short clip was a spiced up with text-to-speech voice with the following summaries:

“”Retrieving the stylus of a pen-based device takes time and requires a second hand. Especially for short, intermittent interactions many users therefore choose to use their bare fingers instead. Although convenient, this increases targeting times and error rates. We argue that the main reason is the occlusion of the target by the user’s finger. We propose a pointing technique we call Shift that is designed to address this issue. When the user touches the screen, Shift creates a callout showing a copy of the occluded screen area and places it in a non-occluded location. The callout also shows a pointer representing the hotspot of the finger. Using this visual feedback, users guide the pointer into the target by moving their finger on the screen surface and commit the target acquisition by lifting the finger. Over large targets, in contrast, no callout is created and users enjoy the full performance of an unaltered touch screen. In our user study, participants acquired targets faster when using Shift than when using the traditional offset cursor technique.”” - Patrick Baudisch

Patrick Baudisch’s research paper entitled Shift: A Technique for Operating Pen-Based Interfaces Using Touch received a Best Paper award for CHI 2007, the annual Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

More from Microsoft Research’s Who Needs a Stylus When You Have Fingers?

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Friday, May 4, 2007

Digital Tampering in the Media, Politics and Law

“”Photography lost its innocence many years ago. In as early as the 1930s, shortly after the first commercially available camera was introduced, Stalin had his enemies "air-brushed" out of photographs. With the advent of high-resolution digital cameras, powerful personal computers and sophisticated photo-editing software, the manipulation of digital images is becoming more common. Here, I have collected some examples of digital tampering in the media, politics, and the law.”” – Hany Farid

More examples not covered from the above video montage are available at
Digital Tampering in the Media, Politics and Law website.

And don’t miss out this recent interesting 1hr video on Exposing Digital Forgeries from Inconsistencies in Lighting presented by Hany Farid too.

Update: Thanks on user comments below and found a video link on Reuters Photo Fraud.

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Evolution: The Cookie Monster of 1967

OMG, love its nonsense GeekSpeak!, Real fits for those IBM engineers.

LOL! on that part on Doppler Supplamated Magneto, "Can be purchased in any hardware store for about 37 cents".

I guess those born in Sesame Street era would love it.

“”In 1967, Henson used the "Wheel-Stealer" puppet for an IBM training film called "Coffee Break Machine". In the sketch, the monster (with frightening eyes and fangs) devours a complex machine as the machine describes its purpose and construction. At the end of the sketch, the talking machine explains that its primary purpose is to produce the greatest explosion known to man. The monster promptly explodes. This sketch was also performed in October, 1967 on The Ed Sullivan Show”” - Cookie_Monster

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Dasher: Information-Efficient Text Entry System

Above short clip was a fast forwarded video from Google TechTalks 2007 with the following summaries:

Keyboards are inefficient for two reasons: they do not exploit the redundancy in normal and they waste the fine analogue capabilities of the user's motor system (fingers and eyes, for example). I describe a system intended to rectify both these inefficiencies.

Dasher is a computer accessibility tool enabling users to enter text efficiently using a pointing device rather than a keyboard, for example,

- when operating a computer one-handed, by joystick, touchscreen, trackball, or mouse.
- when operating a computer with zero hands (i.e., by head-mouse or by eyetracker).
- on a palmtop computer.
- on a wearable computer.

It has been likened to an arcade game, since to use it you zoom through characters that fly across the screen. It uses a probabilistic predictive model to give priority to more likely character combinations.

Dasher can be described as a back-to-front version of arithmetic coding, a data-compression algorithm.

Users can achieve single-finger writing speeds of 35 words per minute and hands-free writing speeds of 25 words per minute.

It takes advantage of Fitts' law – the fact that larger areas can be selected more quickly than smaller areas.

Dasher is licensed under the GPL. It is available for several platforms including Linux, Microsoft Windows,Pocket PC, and there's even a little java version for your web-browser.

So if this get you hooked :) , see the full 54mins video at
and Try Dasher in your browser right now!

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Mr. Bond Cat of Singapore

This was one amazing fearless alley cat performed “Parkour” stunt on balancing and especially climbing down on the steel barbed fence.

Guess that this is not the rare famous Singapura Cat (Kucinta).

Here was another crazy cats walking on balcony from elsewhere…

Technie Note: Thanks to the original author from “One bad cat” video.
This video was spiced up with James Bond’s theme using the freeware versatile VirtualDub video processing utility with Deshaker plugin to stabilize the original jerky video, plus a little touch on lame old skool Ascii Art. :)

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Singapore Anti-Smoking TV Ads

“”…. Said HPB’s chief executive, Mr Lam Pin Woon: "HPB has reviewed and revised our advertising timing and channels to minimise causing any alarm to young children."

Housewife Leong Sow Chan was one of the peeved parents. Her nine-year-old daughter was so traumatised by the commercial the first time she saw it that she had a nightmare that night.

"She started screaming at about 3am and woke my husband up. He had to attend to her," said Madam Leong…..”” - Quoted from

Here is another similar but less graphical from Down Under.

Trivia: Singapore are also infamous for whipping the American teenager for vandalism , Banning of Chewing Gum , the “Fine” City and Annabel Chong ...too etc :)

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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Surface-Computing Innovations: PlayTogether

“”Surface computing uses sensing and display technology to imbue everyday surfaces with interaction. PlayAnywhere is a compact surface-computing system shown at TechFest last year. This year, we will show PlayTogether: two networked PlayAnywhere units exchanging video of each other’s desktop surface, including hands, game pieces, and drawing surfaces. PlayTogether offers interesting combinations of the real world with the virtual world: Playing chess across the network, you see your opponent’s hands and pieces superimposed on your own real pieces and desktop. We will show other technologies, including an application of depth-sensing video cameras, which work like a normal video camera but also calculate how far away the imaged surface is at each pixel, resulting in (R, G, B, Z)-valued images. We will show a game that combines the surface-computing idea with this exciting new technology.”” – Microsoft Research TechFest 2007

Video interview by the Geeky Laura Foy of and the interviewee Andrew D. Wilson.

Cool, one step closer to the Computer UI featured in the movie "Minority Report".

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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Boku: Lightweight Programming for Kids on Xbox360

“” Boku uses a novel, high-level programming paradigm within a 3-D gaming world on the Xbox 360® to introduce children to creative use of the computer. Boku’s programming model is extremely simple as it does not use a textual language or wiring diagrams. Kids use simple behavior cards to enable a small virtual robot to navigate its world and achieve specific tasks. The goal is to provide a gentle introduction to some of the foundational elements of creative programming to children who may not yet be ready for the complexity of classical computer languages. The user is exposed to behavior arbitration, generality, representation of an abstract state, real-time experimentation and feedback, simulation, sensors, physics, and message passing. The programming environment is integrated in an attractive gaming world and controlled entirely via an Xbox 360 game controller.”” – Microsoft Research TechFest 2007

Video interview by the Geeky Laura Foy of .

Wow…. Anyone still remember that LOGO programming language during the 80s. :)

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Friday, March 30, 2007

The Air Powered Car

“”The MiniC.A.T is a simple, light urban car, with a tubular chassis that is glued not welded and a body of fibreglass. The heart of the electronic and communication system on the car is a computer offering an array of information reports that extends well beyond the speed of the vehicle, and is built to integrate with external systems and almost anything you could dream of, starting with voice recognition, internet connectivity, GSM telephone connectivity, a GPS guidance system, fleet management systems, emergency systems, and of course every form of digital entertainment. The engine is fascinating, as is and the revolutionary electrical system that uses just one cable and so is the vehicle’s wireless control system. Microcontrollers are used in every device in the car, so one tiny radio transmitter sends instructions to the lights, indicators etc…….”” –

More info from the green vehicle company MDI and its inventor, Guy Negre, and video from Air Car from France.

And it reminded me about the cool “Air Jammer” toy car too. :)

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Dog: “If you're happy and you know it, wag your tail"

This clip reproduced with added text-to-speech voice:

“”Dogs wag their tails to the right when they see something they want to approach, and to the left when confronted with something they want to back away from, say researchers in Italy. The finding provides another example of how the right and left halves of the brain do different jobs in controlling emotions.

Unfortunately, because dogs move about so much, the bias can only be detected using video analysis. It's not obvious enough for you to tell whether the next dog you encounter is going to lick your face or turn tail……..””

More at’s 'Here boy' makes dogs wag to the right .

Hmmm…..make me wonder is there a special KO tail move for evil grin?

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

What would happen to the planets if the Sun suddenly ceased to exist?

This clip is reproduced with added text-to-speech voice :

“”MPEG animation by Matthew Willson answering the common student question, "What happens if the Sun suddenly ceases to exist?" The traditional interpretation of general relativity says that can't happen because, at worst, the Sun turns to energy, but energy continues to gravitate. But the new physical interpretation of general relativity has no need to dodge the question. It gives the answer in the animation, which opens with the Sun represented by a dent in a rubber sheet, and Earth orbiting the Sun. We also see light from a distant star being bent by the Sun's potential field as it travels to Earth.

As Earth revolves, we pan down to view under the rubber sheet and see the Sun itself that caused the dent in the rubber sheet, an analog for the gravitational potential field. Suddenly, the Sun vanishes with a whoosh. Almost instantly, Earth ceases to orbit and takes off on the linear path tangent to its orbit when the Sun vanished. In the meantime, a giant gravitational wave is set off in the potential field (the rubber sheet) by the Sun's sudden absence. This wave travels outward at the speed of light. It has no effect on Earth because it is unconnected with ordinary gravitational force. But once the wave reached Earth's orbit, the light path of the star starts to unbend until the path is no longer curved and coincides with its straight line path from the star.

So the answer is that all the planets would depart in the directions they happened to be headed almost instantly. Then one by one, the planets would stop reflecting sunlight and become invisible as the last rays leaving the Sun before it ceased to exist reach each planet.”” -

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spacecraft Reveals Detailed Processes on the Sun

This is short video compilation, narrated with lame “robotic” text-to-speech voice, created from NASA press release on Mar. 21, 2007 :

“”NASA has released never-before-seen images that show the sun's magnetic field is much more turbulent and dynamic than previously known. The international spacecraft Hinode, formerly known as Solar B, took the images. Hinode, Japanese for "sunrise," was launched Sept. 23, 2006, to study the sun's magnetic field and how its explosive energy propagates through the different layers of the solar atmosphere.”"

The full official 49mins video available at NASA Science Update on Hinode Solar B Mission too.

NASA researchers also announced that a super duper solar storm is coming in 2010 or 2011 that will knock out the electronic communication and navigation systems.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What is WWF doing for the environment?

No!, this is not from the World Wrestling Federation which was successfully sued by World Wide Fund for Nature aka World Wildlife Fund, over the acronym WWF. :)

Anyway it is nice short multimedia clip touching on environmental, endangered species and pollution issues …etc

And do check out the debate between An Inconvenient Truth’s trailer vs The Great Global Warming Swindle .

"Nature knows no indecencies; man invents them." - Mark Twain

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Fact or fiction: Experiments in the Revival of Organisms

The Soviet Film Agency presents Experiments in the Revival of Organisms in 1940 by one sick mad scientist controversy touted on successful experiments in the resuscitation of life to dead animals (dogs).

Probably it mass hysteria triggered into What To Do In A Zombie Attack , which was a series of 1950 short films on how to survive a Zombie Holocaust. ;)

Music & Lyrics: PoP! Goes My Heart

This hilarious MTV is from the romantic comedy movie Music and Lyrics which can consider a tribute parody to the 80s pop scene. The song really takes me back to my youth and brings up fond memories of the 80s bands like Wham! , A-ha and Pet Shop Boys …etc
Hugh Grant proclaimed it was too funny to pass up even though he had pledged not to make another romantic comedy.
And Hugh Grant was left stunned and handcuffed by Cielke Sijben, a journalist working for Dutch TV network 101 TV, at the Amsterdam premiere of Music & Lyrics.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Antarctica: A Flying Tour of the Frozen Continent

“For 18 days during the Southern Hemisphere spring of 1997, a NASA-launched Canadian satellite called RADARSAT collected pieces of a puzzle that will help scientists study the most remote and inaccessible part of the earth -- Antarctica. Scientists have now put the puzzle pieces together to form the first high-resolution radar map of the mysterious frozen continent. With detail to the point of picking out a research bungalow on an iceburg, this new map has answered scientist's questions about the icy continent, and has also raised new questions about strange and fascinating features never seen before.” - Alex Kekesi

The icy world always reminded me on the mesmerizing soundtrack by Vangelis and of course the geeky Tux the Penguin aka the official mascot of the Linux kernel. ;)

Friday, March 9, 2007

Ntop network traffic probe

“This video shows you how to set up ntop, a network monitoring program, on GNU/Linux. Ntop features a web interface that displays tons of information about bandwidth utilization, traffic patterns, etc. It even shows you what applications are using bandwidth on your network such as ftp, bittorrent, http, dns, etc.” -

Go to to download its high quality full 12mins video.

For windoze platform, get the pre-compiled and easy to setup program at NTop-XTRA.

For install-less geek, it is also included in the ├╝bercool Network Security Toolkit bootable ISO live CD and VMware’s Virtual Machine.

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Saturday, March 3, 2007

DOOM 2: Hell On Earth

A short EPK of the classic iconic id software PC FPS game that made many sleepless nights for gaming geeks way back in 1994.

Featuring on-camera shots of John Romero, American McGee, Shawn Green and Jay Wilbur.

And Bill Gates too joined in the fun in this video presentation promoting Windows95 while digitally superimposed into Doom 1 fragging zombies.

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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Century of Warfare: Iwo Jima

This is a short 3:21mins WW2 documentary segment on Iwo Jima from the informative "Century of Warfare" collection, in respond on its recent popularity raised by the great “Flags of Our Fathers” and “Letters from Iwo Jima” movies.

Technie note: Ripped using the freeware versatile VirtualDub video processing utility to resize into 320x240 screen + convert to mp3 audio stream.

And tweaking with MSU Smart Sharpen and Color Enhancement Filter Plugin to enhance its visual quality.

More tip&trick on VirtualDub procedures.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

VMware Infrastructure 3 Demo Lite

Above is a first 4mins slimed down clip for those short attention sampler to get a quick idea what can be done with the VMware Virtualization Suite. :)

Do visit for the full 18mins hi-res version (105MB).

Personally I have been using VMware for all sorts of products testing and evaluation, especially there are wealth of free pre-built, pre-configured and ready-to-run virtual software application to fiddle with when you have too much time to spare.

Moreover my PoorMan home < > internet network is running the trusty dedicated virtualized m0n0wall firewall under the Free VMware Player too.

Monday, February 26, 2007

BBS: The Documentary

This is a 10mins brief collection clips on old skool Bulletin Board System (BBS) that were once rulez on 80s-90ish era.

“....there was a brave and pioneering band of computer users who spent their time, money and sanity setting up their home computers and phone lines to welcome anyone who called. By using a modem, anyone else who knew the phone number of these computers could connect to them, leave messages, send and recieve files.... and millions did.” -

It reminded me the thrill of downloading Wolfenstein 3D and Doom when it were just released and not forgetting using that HS/LINK bidirectional file transfer protocol.

The documentary is released under Creative Commons license and you can legally grab the full video free at this .torrent link at

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

“The Dawn of Man” for Real?

OMG!, When I first heard this recent news on “For First Time, Chimps Seen Making Weapons for Hunting”, it reminded me the scene on “The Dawn of Man” flooded by that hunting psychedelic Ligeti’s “Requiem” and “Lux Aeterna” soundtrack from the famous film Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The 80s Puma Computer Shoe

“”These Puma running shoes were affixed with pedometer computers that could be reset and would count up time and distance that could be then downloaded to the game port on the Apple II. Allan Lundell put these shoes to good use in Santa Cruz, California in the mid 1980s. Allan tells us: "nothing could get people's attention more than bending down and pushing a button on your shoes and hearing them beep, the definitive nerd". - DigiBarn Computer Museum

ThinkGeek - Cube Goodies!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Parasite Haven in Human Stomach

This video from “”A 55-year-old man presented with intermittent, crampy pain in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen. A colonoscopy was ordered and revealed multiple mobile 1-cm worms, Enterobius vermicularis, in the cecum."” - New England Journal of Medicine.

“”The human pinworm Enterobius vermicularis is a ubiquitous parasite of man, it being estimated that over 200 million people are infected annually. It is more common in the temperate regions of Western Europe and North America, (it being relatively rare in the tropics) and is found particularly in children. Samples of Caucasian children in the U.S.A. and Canada have shown incidences of infection of between 30% to 80%,with similar levels in Europe, and although these regions are the parasites strongholds, it may be found throughout the world, again often with high degrees of incidence.”” - The Human Pinworm

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Having Fun with CrazyTalk

CrazyTalk is a fun easy to use application for creating cool personalizes animated lip-syncing video from photo.

It make video conference becomes so much fun and creative using CrazyTalk for Skype Plug-in for FREE even if you don't have a webcam.

Guess Pet lover will love this Snowy dog and Singing Cat created by CrazyTalk. For full functionality, you can get the CrazyTalk Media Studio.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Why sound and noise is important in choosing a car

Maybe this will give some inspiration to this electric Tesla Roadster beast which offers none of the screaming excruciating orgasmic roar normally associated with gasoline engine powered sports car.

Moreover, the world's first purpose-built hydrogen-powered bike aka The ENV (Emission Neutral Vehicle), could be fitted with an artificial "vroom" because of worries its silence might be dangerous.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Friday, February 9, 2007

All you need to know about H5N1/ Avian / Bird Flu

Learn about H5N1 and how it can affect you and your family.

Especially getting more and more news recently …

The Flu Wiki dedicated to sharing information about pandemic flu and how to prepare for it.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A tribute to ABBA

Above video celebrate the 30th anniversary of ABBA's victory in the The Eurovision Song Contest on 2004 with Waterloo , which was was put together by Radical Media.

"I do I do I do" I’m a confessed old skool ABBA fans PUNK!

Some of my favorites are Super Trouper and The Winner Takes It All.

And don't miss out this parody by French & Saunders. :)

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Documentary on spyware, adware, viruses, malware and other online parasites threats.

An excellent video educating especially for net security savvyless users.

Or fancy a Security Threat Console for real time information on new and emerging cyber threats.

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Monday, February 5, 2007

Flatworld ( FastForward.Brazil Cut )

Flatworld is mind blowing, imaginative, uniquely must-see for all animation lovers.

Simply dialogueless, aside from yelps and growls, the characters communicate entirely through body language and facial expressions.

This clip condensed a 28mins film into 3mins++ and paired catchy tune from Brazil soundtrack for your viewing pleasure.

Here is the short preview clip from its owner, Tandem Films.

Too bad it's only available in DVD from Best of British Animation Awards Vol.2

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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Photosynth : Revolutionize the way we look at photos

A killer application in making, enough said:
“”What I do,” he smiles, “is just show them the video. I step back and I don’t say anything, and I just watch their reaction. And usually their reaction is that their jaw drops. That’s the part I love the most. It’s just the excitement that people see. They see something that looks a little bit like the visual effects they see on TV and reminds them a little bit of a slideshow, but they know it’s interactive, and they can just imagine the excitement of being able to drive this themselves.”” – Richard Szeliski.

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